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From: Chijioke Okolo (The Admission Expert)

Dear Friend,

My name is Chijioke Okolo; Proud Owner and Chief Editor of NigeriaScholar. My journey to admission success started in 2007 just after my secondary school education. But little did I know that my journey was to lead me to an adventure of discovering the solution (secrets) of a long aged problem of admission into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria; which has hunted students for so many years.

I used to believe that without examination malpractice or being extraordinarily intelligent, making it into the University, Polytechnic or even Colleges of Education in Nigeria was just a dream. But, I was wrong. It might interest you to know that I made it into the University without much stress and without getting myself involved in examination malpractice or any kind of admission fraud. My Friend, if I can do it, you can also do it or even better, depending on the time you are ready to put into understanding these "Admission Secrets" I will be introducing to you shortly.

Dear, have you ever wondered why most students no matter how hard they try or how able they are, they still find it really difficult to achieve admission success? Do you see passing JAMB and Post-UTME as one tough code you can't crack? How you frustrated with life because you have not been able to obtain admission success? How you getting tired of the ever increasing competition and number of candidates vying for limited admission spaces each year? Well my friend, you are not alone. You have made it to the right place where your admission problems will bid you farewell. Remember, this is not just a Promise, it's a Fact.

Over the years, I have being carrying out researches to study the science of why students fail JAMB and Post-UTME exams, why they do not understand when they study, why they fail to achieve admission success and lots more... It might interest you to know that, from the results of my researches, I came to understand the causes of these problems, their solutions, and finally, how they relate to every student. This single act of creativity then led to the birth of what I tag: "Admission Secrets".

What You Didn't Know About Admission Success?

My Friend, there is a science of admission success, and it is an exact science like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws and secrets which govern the process of gaining genuine admission into any Tertiary Institution here in Nigeria; once these laws and secrets are learned, obeyed and put to use, any person will get admitted with mathematical certainty.

The ownership of gaining admission and not gaining admission comes as the result of doing things in a Certain Way; those who do things in this Certain Way, whether on purpose or accidentally get admitted; while those who don’t do things in this Certain Way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, they never get admitted. This is just a simple law of nature that like causes always produce like effects; therefore any student who learns to do things in this Certain Way will definitely gets admitted.

But wait a minute, does getting a Tertiary Institution admission with mathematical certainty by just doing things in a Certain Way sounds too good to be true to you? I admit, it really sounds too good to be true, but don't panic, I will prove it. All I require from you is for you to just keep on reading to see how possible this is.

Why You Should Be More Concern About This Year's Admission Process?

According to Ezekwesili in Adelani, (2006), “In 2005 an average of 868,000 Nigerians youths sought admission to our universities out of which only 23 percent were adjudged to have been successful (that is 200,000 candidates). “Yet according to her, our universities then had the capacity to absorb only 150,000. “The critical question that we must ask therefore, she affirmed is; where are the rest candidates?

In 2012, a total of 1,503,889 applicants registered for JAMB and 500,000 was nailed as the carrying capacity of the entire Tertiary Institutions for that year (2012). This means that over 1.5 million candidates will be fighting for about 500,000 available admission space i.e. 30% available admission slots in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions. So, the question now is; what is now going to be the fate of the remaining 70%?

This is a normal question asked by all every year - what will happen to those candidates that were not admitted? Admission into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria is becoming more challenging and competitive by the year and it takes only those candidates with the right information and mindset to get ahead in this struggle.

My friend, with the ever increasing number of candidates registering for JAMB every year and the limited admission spaces available, it's then a great cause to worry and to be more concern about your admission dream for next year's admission process. Don’t you think so?

Why You Must Have This EBook?

My Dear Friend, I have no idea if we've ever met, but I do know these five (5) things about you:

1. You're frustrated because no matter how hard you try, you still find yourself not achieving admission success. You're working too hard, too long, and with little positive returns to show for it.
2. You're sick and tired of wasting time and money on examination malpractice which at the long run produce’s little or no results at all.
3. You want to learn the most effective, high-potent and powerful admission strategies that are guaranteed to grant you a place in your dream school.
4. You are getting old just by writing JAMB every year, not scoring more than 200, making your hope of achieving admission success always getting shattered.
5. You're so tired of the kind of life you are living; a life where admission success seems far-fetched, a life where you cannot go to places you want to go because of intimidation from admitted students, and a life where you cannot live the life of your dreams.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the statements above, then there's only one solution to your problems - "Admission Secrets eBook".

Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Learn From The Admission Secrets EBook

  • What Determines Admission Success?
  • How to Determine Your Choice of Course to Study in a Higher Institution
  • How to Determine If Your Choice of Course is the Best Course for You
  • How to Determine Your First and Second Choice Institutions
  • How to Research for the Right First and Second Choice Institutions
  • Procedure to Determine the Best First Choice University
  • Analyzing the Best Federal University as Our First Choice University
  • Criteria for Selecting the Best First Choice Federal University
  • Conditions for Choosing the Best First Choice Federal University
  • How to Determine the Best Second Choice University
  • How to Get the Competition Level of the Department/Course
  • How to Get the Post-UTME Cut-Off Mark and Capacity of the Department
  • How to Get Post-UTME Cut-Off Mark and Capacity of a Department through Facebook
  • Example on How to carry Out a Research to Determine the Best First Choice Federal University (A step-by-step procedure to carry out your own research)
  • The Easiest Way to Gain Admission into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
  • Top Ten (10) Most Competitive First Choice Universities with Highest Patronage
  • Top Ten (10) Most Competitive First Choice Polytechnics with Highest Patronage
  • Top Ten (10) Most Competitive First Choice Colleges of Education with Highest Patronage
  • Top 14 Courses with Highest Patronage
  • Guidelines to Easy Admission in Nigeria
  • Admission Scale (Needed by all who truly need Admission Success)
  • Admission According to Faculties Using the Admission Scale
  • Uses of the Admission Scale
  • List of Degree Awarding Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
  • How to Pass JAMB and Post-UTME Examinations
  • History of JAMB Applications 2000 – 2012
  • How to Score More Than 250 in JAMB and Post-UTME
  • And lots more.....
  • Want The Best? ....Get The Best!

    Congratulations! to you for coming this far and for embarking on a mission that simply cannot fail you. My Friend, there are a Million reasons that will make you fail in your admission pursuit, but there is only one reason that will make you a profound success in your next admission dreams. This reason is being able to take that bold and decisive step today to having this eBook - "Admission Secrets".

    I promise, you will never see a product like this again on the Internet. I have gone around the internet and book stores to see if there are any other products or eBooks that can compete with this eBook, but I have always being disappointed since no one single product or eBook come close to what this eBook teaches. I also found out that, the price of this eBook "Admission Success" is the lowest when compared to other eBooks on admission matters. The price being the lowest has nothing to do with questioning its competence and quality; it's just that I want this eBook to be affordable by all candidates preparing for a Tertiary Institution admission here in Nigeria. So, just see it as; you are getting much for a little.

    However, you have to note that I only have a limited copy of this eBook - "Admission Secrets", which I believe will soon run out of supply due to the high demand for this eBook.

    Hear What People Are Saying About The Admission Secrets EBook

    Many thanks for the "Admission Secrets eBook". This stuff really made me a celebrated figure in my family. I wrote JAMB twice without yielding any good fruit. But, everything changed for the better when I was introduced to "Admission Secrets eBook".

    I devoted a lot of time into understanding the secrets of admission success and as the package promised, it brought me profound success. I now school in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. A friend of mine recommended this site to me after he bought the package. He is presently schooling in Yale University, USA. Thanks once again.

    Chiamaka Okafor
    From Onitsha, Anambra
    Gaining admission into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions of higher learning has really been my dreams. I'm presently a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Benin. All thanks to Chijioke Okolo for introducing me to the "Admission Secrets eBook". Everything changed when I purchased this product - "Admission Secrets - Volume 1".

    I wrote JAMB four (4) frustrating times without making it into the University until I found solace in this "Admission Secrets eBook". I'm proud to say I'm an intelligent student, but "Admission Secrets" thought me that intelligence was not enough to grant me admission success; that I have to start doing things in a Certain Way to bring me admission success.

    The moment I started following the teachings of this wonderful eBook, I achieved admission success. "Admission Secrets - Volume 1" is a total package on how to achieve admission success. For me, this package is worth more than the cost it's being sold for. I thank God I got mine own package when it was still N1,000. Thanks to the "Admission Secrets" package for changing my life for the better.

    Mike Karo
    From Victoria Island, Lagos
    Hello Mr. Chijioke Okolo. I thank you so much for making my childhood dream of gaining admission into the University, studying the course of my choice a dream come true for me. I truly owe you a lot for bringing such a wonderful system to my notice.

    Seriously, I have never seen or heard of anything like this before which works like magic like this eBook - "Admission Secrets". Please, permit me to say that; with this your eBook, achieving admission success has never being so easy. Thanks once again.

    Cindy Eze
    From Aba, Abia State

    How Much Does This EBook Cost?

    My Friend, believe me, this eBook is largely affordable my all individuals ranging from students, graduates to workers (employees). The standard cost of this eBook is N5,000, but I will be giving it away for just N5,000 N1,000 for the first 100 serious people ready to make that admission dream of theirs a reality. So, if you order today, you will be saving a whole N4,000. Friend, can you imagine saving N4,000 for a product worth N5,000? That is probably a must have product, if you ask me.

    Why Pay N100,000 For An Illegal Admission When You Can Get The Legit And Legal Admission With Just N1,000?

    Why You Must Order For This EBook Now?

    As a Nigerian who has being studying the admission processes for some years now and made it in my own admission dreams, my desire is to see my fellow Nigerians succeed with their own admission pursuits too. I cannot promise you the world, but one thing I can promise you for sure with mathematical certainty is that; I can make your admission problems a thing of the pass by just getting this eBook - "Admission Secrets".

    My Friend, your admission success starts today, not tomorrow or any other day. There might not be a second chance for you. Avoid the shame of looking back at your life and regret not getting this life changing eBook that would have changed your life for the better. Remember, time waits for no man. This offer is a strictly limited offer and I am really serious about this. All I ask is that you take action FAST.

    I’ve taken great care to keep this under wraps. Nobody else has a system that works anything like this one or even close. So, there’s simply nothing else out there that operates in the same way with this eBook. Trust me on that!

    How To Order Your Own Copy Of The Admission Secrets EBook?

    To Order your own copy of "Admission Secrets eBook", pay to any branch of Ecobank or Guaranty Trust Bank Nationwide. See Banks Details Below:

    Bank Name Ecobank
    Account Name Okolo Chijioke Emeka
    Account Number 2172237609

    Bank Name Guaranty Trust Bank
    Account Name Okolo Chijioke Emeka
    Account Number 0121925173

    How Do You Receive Your Ordered Package?

    You will receive your personal package of my eBook - "Admission Secrets" through the email address you will provide when sending a notification message to me after your payment. Your package will be promptly delivered to you within 24 Hours after your payment has being confirmed.

    After making your payment, send a notification email to AdmissionSecrets@gmail.com. Please, use "Admission Secrets" as the subject of the email and include the following details in the body of the email:
    Full Name:
    Phone Number:
    E-mail Address:
    Date of Payment:
    Teller Number:
    Payment ID: P4368

    After sending your notification email to the email address above, your payment will be confirmed and you will receive your package within the same 24 hours - No Delays.

    Note: Please, follow the message format stipulated above and also, don't change the Payment ID above, since the Purchase Team will use this Payment ID to confirm your order.

    Money Back Guarantee

    This means if you are not overjoyed with this product, you can return it and receive your money back without any questions or hassles. However, I bet you won't do that. If you're like most people who tried this eBook, you will experience a great improvement in your admission pursuit and thereby, making that long time admission dreams of yours a reality.

    However, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the exact same results as I had while using the secrets in this package. Heck, I bet if I were starting from scratch today, I would have different results too; I might even have better results. All I can do is to educate you on what you need to know about obtaining admission success.

    My system works for me; I can’t think of a single reason why it shouldn’t work for you too, if you follow all that this eBook - "Admission Secrets" teaches.

    P.S - My Friend, why not let a try convince you? Remember, every second that you wait to play it safe, someone else is using this product to acquire the right knowledge that will help him/her in his/her admission struggle, while leaving you behind.

    P.S.S - Don't be a doubting Thomas, my Friend; you are too smart and intelligent to be one. Gaining admission success is your choice to make, not mine. Just give me a chance to help you out and remember, it’s your success or your money back.

    See You In Your Matriculation Day!

    Chijioke E. Okolo
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